Branding is essential to any business because it serves as the foundation of success. Each business needs a brand that is powerful, consistent and original. Branding is not defined by a logo, tagline, product or service, but rather enhanced by each of those factors.

Your brand creates a unique, unforgettable experience for your clients so that when they hear or interact with your business, they are always met with a certain expectation. Your brand is what makes your clients choose YOU over a competitor time after time, regardless of price or product development. At Summit Collaborations, we believe in strong branding that consistently makes clients feel a specific way when they engage with your business.

When it comes to building the empire that is your business, your brand is the foundation that the entire thing is built on. Through our branding process, we’ll help you uncover what makes you truly different than your competitors, what drives you to excellence every day, what you actually want your business to be, and what your audience expects from you.

So, are you ready to attract clients and maintain loyal customers? If so, then you can count on Summit Collaborations to help with all your branding needs. From defining your identity to helping you deliver a consistent message to your desired audience, let our team of experts assist with developing a brand that makes your business stand out.

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Logo Files

Our bespoke, custom logos are created in vector format. This means that your logo will never lose quality, even when stretched. Once a final logo is created, we deliver the logo to you in various formats so you are able to used it across all mediums.

Branding Guidelines

Once the branding process is complete you will be given a formal Branding Guideline. This booklet include your logo family, color palette, and fonts. Your Branding Guideline will help ensure that all future content is consistent no matter who is doing the work. Following your Branding Guideline will protect your brand, allowing it to be consistent, recognizable, and refined. 


Once full payment is received, the copyrights of the final product is yours. The concepts created throughout the process, that were not chosen as the final product, remain to be owned by Summit Collaborations. We also maintain the right to use any branding concepts (final or not final) in our portfolio and for use in marketing collateral.

Case Study

This logo represents values and characteristics of the company such as:

  • Professional
  • Modern
  • Clean
  • Reliable
branding example from summit collaborations

BADASS is a secondary logo conept to represent the company. Massag Customs primary focus is on how you feel after your massage session – empowered, revitalized, motivated, and BADASS.

The Brand

Imagine if you lived life with no stress. You’d probably be the best version of youself, right? That’s how Massagae Customs sees it. Through massage, they are able to help the exhausted student athlete become the next big thing, help the young CEO transform into a powerhouse, and help turn the overworked single mom into a Superhero! With Massage Customs, you go from Good to Badass in 60 minutes!